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Weakness to light/affinity for darkness Within the first week Gets worse over time
Blindsight After the first week Just niggling senses at first, more powerful at night/in the dark
Weaker sense of self After two weeks Gets worse over time
Loss of mass Within the first week; complete after a month Unnoticeable at first; gets worse over time; also affects his weapon summoning
Loss of corporeality and feeling After two weeks; tied with weakened sense of self; complete after a month Comes and goes, and gets worse over time
Darkening After he notices the loss of mass/corporeality; complete after a month Gradual at first, but then rapid after he realizes he’s fading away; freckles come to be represented by flecks of light
Manipulation of shadow Shortly before he loses his shape More subconscious than conscious at first, and weak
Loss of shape After he loses most mass and corporeality—one month mark Sudden; his body wants to hold onto its form, and then suddenly he just can’t anymore
Telepathy Starts getting whispers whenever he is more than 50% shadow; 3 week mark? Only perfectly usable after his shape collapses
Controlled shape-shifting A week or so after loss of shape Not GOOD control at first. Favorite forms: his own and Chocobo
Possession Two month mark?
Blood magic? Only if it’s to save someone or protect himself I REALLY WANNA CHECK OUT THE WILD. Second element: Wind? Light? IDK.
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Player Name: Asher
Player Contact: [ profile] asherdashery

Character Name: Prompto Argentum
Character Account: [personal profile] photoshooter
Character Canon: Final Fantasy XV
Character History: Final Fantasy XV Spoilers Ahoy!

Prompto's earliest days are shrouded in mystery: What we know is that he was bred and branded to become a Magitek Trooper, one of the Niflheim Empire's ill-understood, daemon-powered soldiers. How he came to Niflheim's last standing opponent, the Kingdom of Lucis, is unknown, but he was taken in and raised by the Argentum family. Evidently, his parents were often out of town, and Prompto grew up a loner both at home and in school, where he had trouble connecting to others. He was also a heavyset child, which couldn't have helped. To protect the secret of his origins, he kept to himself and his camera, plodding through life without much to look forward to besides photographing cute animals around the city.

One cute animal turned his life around. Prompto found an injured puppy in front of his house one day, brought her in, and took care of her for a time, tending her wounds and making sure she was clean and fed. The dog turned out to belong to one Lunafreya Nox Fleuret, Oracle of Tenebrae and good friend of Lucis's prince, Noctis Lucis Caelum. When the dog returned to Lunafreya, she wrote a letter thanking Prompto for his assistance, assuming he was a friend of Noct's.

Prompto took the letter as a directive to become friends with Noct, who attended his elementary school. His first attempt to connect with the young prince ended in disaster, and an offhand remark of Noct's prompted Prompto to lose weight before he tried befriending Noct again. He spent the next few years working out and learning how better to talk to people until the beginning of high school, when, assuming Noctis wouldn't remember him, he pretended they'd never met and quickly squeezed himself into Noct's life.

Five years of best friendship later, Noct asks his advisor, his bodyguard, and Prompto to accompany him on a road trip out of the country to marry Lunafreya, as was stipulated in a peace treaty Noct's father was about to sign with Niflheim. Tragedy cuts their mostly fun almost-vacation horrifically short, when, before they even arrive in Altissia, the Niflheim Empire attacks and defeats the capital of Lucis, killing King Regis.

Prompto remains beside Noctis through their continuing trials as fugitives and rebels against the Empire, enduring not only his own hardships as the Empire continues to hunt them, but Noct's and the others' reactions to the losses that dog their party. He tries to shore his friends up and lighten the mood as much as he can, but it's a long, hard road of monster-hunting for money and fighting a losing battle against the Empire.

At the utter nadir of their spirits, the team is ambushed on a train by an Ardyn who can take others' forms. In the confusion Noctis attacks Prompto and knocks him off the train. For the next couple chapters, Ardyn holds Prompto captive so he can lure Noctis to the capital of Niflheim.

Once rescued, Prompto forgives Noct and then reveals his origins to the party. Their immediate acceptance despite knowing he was intended to be one of their enemies moved him deeply and cemented his place in their brotherhood. Shortly after, Noctis was absorbed into a magic crystal, leaving the rest of the party on their own for ten years.

More happens after that, but I think I may make Prompto's canon point pre-rescue, so that doesn't matter so much.

Character Personality: A few fans around Tumblr have been calling Prompto things like "sunshine child" and "my pure cinnamon roll son," and it's easy to see why. Even at a glance, Prompto maintains a playful, bouncy air in motion. He's constantly looking around, shifting his weight, constantly broadcasting his emotional shifts through expression, posture, and voice. He's one of the quickest of the FFXV party members to complain but also the quickest to joke, laugh, or sing. He brightens around pretty girls and goes nuts over puppies and chocobos and will snap a photo of anything--anytime.

He's also kind, desperately loyal, and deeply insecure due to his lonely childhood years and the psychological weight of hiding his origins--Magitek Troopers are branded with a bar code, so he had a physical mark to mask. Prompto calls the party members the only friends he's ever had, and shows his devotion to them by insisting they stay together even when, for one reason or another, they're bringing down the team; by always supporting them when they're down and out; and by simply saying it, always, through thought and action. Prompto is the result of a boy who literally reshaped himself because a girl he didn't know wrote him a nice letter implying he should be friends with the class celebrity. There's nothing he won't throw to the winds for his friends, particularly Noct.

Of course, he's also dorky and awkward. He talks a lot--constantly, really--and often says things most of the party knows better than to voice aloud. There's never any disguising what he's feeling, so he doesn't even try: If he's scared, he says so, and if someone in the party's going to cry, it's probably Prompto. He whines. He makes mistakes. He makes a lot of mistakes. He always means well, but, as he readily admits himself, he's not strong, smart, doesn't really know how to take care of himself, and often just gets in the way. In tense situations or when meeting new people, he usually defers to the other members of the party. He's clumsy with girls and doesn't seem to realize just how transparent he is.

But he goes out of his way for children and animal and always seems to know exactly what it is Noct needs emotionally, whether that's a break, a clap on the back, or just a chance to be a normal guy. He supports Ignis when, blinded, he insists on continuing to travel with the team. He's excited to meet Noct's fiancée for the first time. He pushes on bravely even when he knows he's the weakest, even when he's sure he's about to be left behind.

All he really wants is to earn his place. To be there for his friends. To walk tall beside them.

Monster Assignment: Player Pick: Elemental

RP Sample: Text | Actionspam


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